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Buying and selling add-ons

Addonpoint is the original Add-on channel for Open Source CMS systems to buy and sell royalty free software. Whether you are an entrepreneur of a web developer. We supply various well coded add –on solutions for a great variety of demands.

How does addonpoint works?

  1. Search for your specific Add-on for your Content management system.
  2. order the add-on for your specific needs
  3. Get your exclusive download link to acquire the add on
  4. Add your add-on to your CMS

Why Addonpoint

The extension markets of the open source markets offer a great number of solutions. Many of these extension are not well tested or coded well. This causes problems in performance, bugs while combining add-ons. All add-ons on are tested on commenting, code structure and usability to offer you the best add-ons.

Addonpoint add-ons comply with W3c standards and Clean coding principles.